My list of Most Awesome and Amazing Places on Earth

Yey weekend! I’ve been thinking of having a little backpacking adventure pretty soon. I really like to travel to Europe but due to time and financial (not to mention Visa) constraints, I am almost  close to deciding on seeing places in Vietnam and Cambodia instead. So while I’m pondering on where to go and because I am awesome and amazing at the same time,  (This is my blog. I get to say what I want to say. To see the detailed version of my disclaimer, please click here.) but mainly because I was inspired by my virtual expedition, I would like to give you my  own list of  the Most Awesome and Amazing Places in the World!

#10 The Door To Hell – also known as Darvaza Gas Crater

Location: Darvaza, Turkmenistan

The hole measures approximately 230 feet in diameter

This flaming gas crater is the only one in the list with direct human involvement from geologists some thirty five years ago while drilling for natural gas. The ground over the cavern collapsed caving all their expensive equipments together with poisonous gas. To prevent the toxic gas from escaping, they decided to burn it. After more than 35 years, it is still burning non stop.

See it on Google Earth – 40°15′8″N 58°26′23″E

#9 The Wave

Location: Between Arizona and Utah, USA

190 million years ago, this dune is made of sand that transformed into massive rocks as how it is seen to this date.

#8 Chocolate Hills

Location: Tagbilaran Bohol, Philippines

This unusual geological formation is said to be a natural wonder, each hill is uniform in shape and mostly 30 to 50 meters height. The chocolate hills consist of approximately 1268 hills. They are covered with grass but changes to chocolate brown at the end of the dry season.

#7 Mount Roraima

Location: Pakaraima crossing the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyan

This stone mountain is unique because it is like a bare table nested in clouds with 400 meter height.  It houses variety of plants and creates some of the most amazing waterfalls in the world.

#6 Salar de Uyuni

Location: Southwest Bolivia

This is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers.

#5 The Richat Framework

Location: Sahara desert of Mauritania

It is a circular formation almost 30 miles in diameter, molded of many years of soil erosion and is used as a reference point by space crews. Paleozoic quartzite form the resistant beds outlining the structure.

#4 Stone Forest

Location:   Zhangjiajie’s Stone Forest Yunan, China

This forest that is consist of stones is formed over 200 million years ago also termed as China’s avatar forest. It used to be  a shallow sea 270 million years ago.

#3 The Five Colours River

Location: La Macarena, Columbia

This astonishing rainbow of colors is seen in between the dry and wet seasons  because of the various moss and algae bloom that is truly a beautiful biological wonder.

#2 Rotorua

Location: New Zealand

The Rotorua is a spiritual dwelling for the Maori. Also, this very interesting landmark is full of geothermal activities that take place providing hot springs and boiling mud piles. Just a tip in case you decide to visit the geysers -the whole area smells like rotten eggs due to enormous sulfur content.

#1 Socotra

Location: Socotra Island, Yemen

Also called as “the other Galapagos” has isolated and dazzling wildlife preserves that includes 900 species of plants and some of the most exotic birds.

Nothing beats the most alien looking place on earth!

Today’s advice: I’m sure you will find more incredible places, my list may be different than yours. Over the years, nature has done magnificent job of sculpting wonderful and breathtaking spectacles all over the world. Whether we share the same list or not, regardless how busy our lives are or how modern our lifestyles are or how trendy and updated our tech gadgets are, it is important that we do not neglect that the world is filled with so much splendor and that the real beauty is there waiting beyond the reach of that skyscraper that is blocking our view.

We have got to see!


One thought on “My list of Most Awesome and Amazing Places on Earth

  1. Some excellent choices! I would say you have an afinity for the geologically interesting. Near and dear to my heart. 🙂 I hope u get to travel Europe and even to the USA!

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