Internet Access, Freedom for All says UN

A global debate once again emerge as United Nations declare access to internet as a basic human right.

Read more about it here.

The internet does not only provide ease of communication but also it can be a source of empowerment. Through accessing the internet we can get the latest news, we can use it to learn and expand our knowledge, useful tool for networking too.

Here are some of Internet-User related statistics:

My thoughts:

Balance must be explored between freedom to connect to the internet and other core rights in the cyber world-privacy, intellectual property as well as child protection to name a few. Clearly, there is a dispersed variation across nations and cultures in terms of values and interests. Pragmatically significant among international issues are child abuse and child pornography. How does this newly established human right to connect to the internet address similar issues?

Aside from OpenNet Initiative, countries on their own or with the help of the United Nations must focus on internet monitoring and filtering of content however, more resources should be allocated to get this done. What about the third world countries, are they ready for this? I think work is needed and the best possible solutions must be explored to protect our rights and values in this digital age.


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