Weirdest, Funniest, Coolest Apps

I’ve been looking for cool apps and found a handful  which I would like to share with everyone as you would surely find them interesting.  Here goes.

1. Are you notorious for ePenis sucking?

Measure your virtual power and give e-Penis a handjob. Let’s get feathery!

e-Penis measures how much power you have on the internet.

Twitter App

2. Tap Tap Revenge

If you find the latest Google doodle strummable cute, you will surely like Tap Tap by Tapulous.  An App for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android

Tap Tap emulates guitar games designed for all aspects of the iphone. Shake it to earn extra points!

3. Textgasm

Wanna share your secrets? Perhaps you are interested to know someone’s juicy hush…

Textgasm allows you to share your juicy secrets in 140 characters or less, post comments or cast votes.

Twitter App

4. NBAdeck

Whether you are Dallas or Miami fan, you will surely love NBAdeck.

NBAdeck provides the latest NBA scores, news and videos via Twitter API. You can twit directly from their site.

5. Twumped

Broken up? Dumped? Split up?

Twumped allows you to see twitter profiles of those who recently split up, been dumped, or broken up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

6.  Bic Concert Lighter

You are in an awesome concert of your favorite artist but it’s not allowed to bring lighter inside?

Download the virtual lighter that lets you keep a reliable flame rockin’ the new world!

For iPhone, Android

7. Cursebird

Admit it, you swear too!

Cursebird is a real–time feed of swearing on Twitter

8. Twitter Tussle

Bet on the birdie!

Watch two cute birds battle and find out which of two words are popular on Twitter

9. Easy Metal Detector Lite

Created  by Androidika

This app detects metal objects using your mobile phone easily. Just watch out as it drains your battery pretty quick.

10. Spark

It’s useless therefore, it’s awesome!

Receive an electric shock as you touch the screen. In the form of plasma balls, touch screen creates effects and fascinating flashes between the tip of your finger and contour of your phone, which starts to vibrate. You can change the color of lightning. It’s fun, it’s useless: it is therefore essential!

App from Diota Soft

11. Pinball

Developed by Magma mobile

It is the first android Pinball game available on the market, so they say. Good arcade game for kids

12. Schwartz Unsheathed

Hey Star Wars freaks, here’s a totally cool light saber swinging app for you.

You get to choose the light saber of any color you want against an outer space background. Wave your smartphone around, and you get the  “whoosh” sound from the movie. You will hear an occasional “crack!” that indicates you’ve made (virtual) contact with someone else’s light saber. You can even have heroic background music that plays as loudly or softly as you want or just mute it.

You may also want to try other psycho apps like

G1 Psycho





13. Pockets

Words are just not enough?

Pockets let you record your voice and send voice mails to your Twitter friends.

14. Nurph

Chat based app that lets you send same message to multiple friends at once. It also allows you to post long tweets.

13. Twitterloo

Twitterloo lets you detail about your shit. Select from a list of “dirty” clip arts and the location of the happening and be honest about where you shitted and how exactly it looked like.

For me, the dirtiest is weirdest. Winner!

Hope you get to share your best finds too! I don’t want to miss out on the coolest apps!

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