Conflict on Spratly Islands-Diplomatic or Radical Solution?

Tomorrow marks the 150th birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero.

Jose Rizal– a doctor, a writer, a polymath, a patriot, a genius, a hero, a Filipino.

“We want the happiness of the Philippines, but we want to obtain it through noble and just means. If I have to commit villainy to make her happy, I would refuse to do so, because I am sure that what is built on sand sooner or later would tumble down.” -Jose Rizal (Letter to Blumentritt, 31 January 1887)

Jose Rizal, unlike the many heroes of a nation’s independence, he ignited the Filipinos flame of patriotism through a rather not radical way.

In today’s issue on territorial conflict, anyone ever wonder what will Rizal say about it? What would be his stand on the issue?

Read more on Spratlys Issue here.

Let’s sit and talk a while…settle the issue peacefully through dialogue and not conflict.

Tension does not serve any country’s purpose. We should push for diplomatic solutions.


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