Digital world: Convenience in Online Experience

Tapping into the digital world is the latest trend.
In our world today, people are hungry for information, knowledge, opportunities and value. Internet right now is overpowering! Anyone ever wonder how our digital life is going to be?

I think that convenience in online experience is what everyone want. We prefer customized content based on our lifestyle, interest, location, taste and many others. Advertising has changed by tapping into new trends and emerging behavior that dictates digital life. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Skype or even Google, we wish to engage in multi-functional networks offering diverse options and services that makes our online experience in a simple platform.

Understanding your own business and by creating multi-functional platform can be the essense in understanding key trends in enabling monetary capitalization.

This I believe are few of the many reasons why Matt Barrie, the CEO of won the Technology Category of 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Eastern region.

His many ideas in making to function successfully, should become key components of the so called ‘digital value chains’ of enterprises, organizations and individuals.

Read more of 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year here.


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