2011: Year of the Four Solar Eclipses-The Geometrical Dance of the Sun, Moon and Earth

Perfect timing! Last night I watched Transformers Dark of the Moon. I am sure many have seen it and many more will. It’s horrific to actually think that another planet will be brought into Earth causing massive destruction.

But today, July 1, 2011 something real will happen.

Another geometrical dance of the Sun, Moon and Earth is about to happen in order to give birth to a new solar eclipse. On July 1, 2011 Friday at 7:53 in the morning GMT a NEW solar eclipse will be born, evolve and grow for 1226.05 years. On this day marks the birth of a new Saros eclipse cycle.  But this rare occurrence will be witnessed by  a few, if not, no one as this partial eclipse is visible only in a small area of ocean near Antarctica, south of Africa

Source: media.skyandtelescope.com

The last dance of the Saros series will take place on July 14, 3237. READ MORE HERE


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