Google Plus: Now baking real life sharing to satisfy our online experience

It’s official!

With Google’s recent announcement on Tuesday June 28, 2011, this giant search engine is determined to create a ground-breaking twist in the digital world. Google Plus (Google+) was launched and is soon to turn all of Google into one massive social network.
See how it looks here:

Google’s creation of the +1 button   was an introduction for this social network project. Inside Google Plus network, you can easily share your favorite pictures, images, videos, links, your location on the stream, topic feeds, and other information.

One of the best features of Google+ is  social circles.

Social Circles allows you to separate your family, friends, business. It even let users create new private circles and add people to it. There’s also a Blocked circle for all the people that you had blocked.This wonderful idea from Google is what distinguish it as a better alternative to Facebook.

Another great feature of Google Plus is called Hangouts.

Hangouts let you hang out with your circle of friends on video chat, IM, share Googledocs, share calendars and even watch YouTube videos together.

Other Google Plus features:

Sparks  -It’s a topic feed that notify users about their favorite topics.

Huddle  -Allows users to connect to a group chat.

Photos It is used to store and share pictures. Google Plus automatically tags photos using facial recognition.

Google+ bar -It has your name and email address with your avatar located at the top of the page.

Can’t get enough of Google? Get Google+ for your mobile device

Google Plus was designed by one of the original members of the Macintosh team, Andy Hertzfeld.

Google Plus social network is currently running in beta and pre-invite mode.

Feels like Google, Looks like Facebook, Delicious like Apple –Impressive? Hmm tempting.

Google Plus is a social network nuance and another revamp to our online experience.


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