It’s raining “men looking for love” on Google Plus!

It does look like Google+ is a man’s world; and they’re looking for love!

A website called Find People on Plus released an interesting collection of data classifying 947,996 Google+ users since its launch just about two weeks ago.

The Google+ Statistics Report from the site features the trend distribution by gender, occupation, geographical location and even a much more interesting stats of users that are ‘looking’ for love! *Now I think this is just wicked! Is it not? Google Plus turning into a dating site? We’ll see.

Find People on Plus by Exponential Labs Inc. has created a World Map to show the geographic distribution of Google+ early settlers.

Here are the demographic trends:

Google+ Statistics Report

(data taken from FindPeopleonPlus)

Gender Distribution
Male 74%
Female 25%

Top 10 Countries
United States 49% is at the top spot followed by India 6%

Top 10 Occupations on Google+
Engineers 25% and Developers 14% are leading by work classification.

Users Looking for Love
94% are Male and 5% are Female on Google+

Relationship Status

Single (24,438)
Married (19,978)
In a relationship (12,252)
Engaged (3,120)
It’s complicated (1,665)
In a domestic partnership (681)
In an open relationship (589)
Widowed (232)
In a civil union (189)

Oh, and of course Mark Zuckerberg is on Google Plus too!

Are you already on Google Plus? Feel free to leave a comment with your gmail address, I would be happy to send you an invite!


5 thoughts on “It’s raining “men looking for love” on Google Plus!

    1. Hi James, I understand what you mean. It seems Google Plus invited more tech savvy men dominated by engineers, designers and developers during the initial launch and a significant number of them are from India. I think the reason behind this is for these users to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. I think this is essential for any launch.

      Hopefully Google soon realize the importance of bringing women bloggers into the game.

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