Facebook Timeline: You’ve got Seven days

Absolutely has nothing to do with The Ring folks. I’m talking about this new Facebook feature called Timeline. Facebook Timeline brings new ways for people to discover and share music, movies, books and news.

Based on user-uploaded information, Timeline provides an illustrated graph of your Facebook posts based on the date or time they were uploaded.

Timeline basically lets people memorialize special events, accomplishments, post exchanges and other updates from their Facebook profiles from the date they joined the social network in a much more organized and chronological manner.

According to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Timeline is  “the story of your life.” He explained by showing how his new profile page chronicled his experiences from meeting US President Barack Obama to baby photos.

“What Timeline does is show all the recent activity and then as you go back in time it starts summarizing the things you’ve done in your life,” “Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there” he added.

After a user upgraded to Timeline, s/he will now have seven days to go through his/her information privately and edit the ‘viewability’ of his/her profile on Facebook before it automatically goes live online. Also, there are tools that allow Facebook users to hide posts they do not want to show up in their Timeline. They can also change settings on allowing which of their connections can see posts.

As mentioned in Tycoon Talk,

Facebook has announced in a blog post that Timeline is now available to its more than 800 million members. It is said that this new feature also lets you share new experiences, like the music you listen to or the miles you run.

Are you one of Facebook 800M-plus users? Will you upgrade?

Read more of Facebook Timeline from AFP

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