Samsung Galaxy S II ICS 4.0 Update

Samsung confirms then denies Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. It first appeared on Samsung Philippines website and declared Galaxy S2 users would be able to upgrade to Android 4.0 on March 10.

Is this true?

The buzz continues on Samsung Mobile Facebook account as we all awaits for the big day.


To read more about the trending news on Samsung Galaxy S II upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, follow this article:


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II ICS 4.0 Update

  1. Android 4.0 is really a blessing for the most populair smartphone available today. Personally I find it the best smarpthone today to. Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 has better hardware the display lacks due to the pentile screen.

    Thanks for posting this news.

  2. Overall the phone is great, the phone is really fast, the screen is gorgeous, and its customization capabilities are great as well. Very smooth, light weight, and great looking. To say the least the best Android phone out there at this time. Would and have recommended it to people I know. In my case I had been waiting for this phone for some time now to hit the states, it finally did and has not disappointed me at all. Enjoying my purchase and not regretting it one bit. pros
    Screen size and display
    Android 2.3.4
    Processor speed
    8mp cameraCons
    The only two issue I’ve found with this phone, is the same that others mentioned. The lock screen is not working properly (easily fixed with a free app at the android market) also its a bit tricky to sync gmail with this phone (also fixed with an app)
    Hope this review helps.

  3. – Updated 10/19/11 – This is by far the best phone I have ever used. My previous phone is a EVO 4g so luckily i got renewed after a year.This is my own personal review based on experiences with my EVO 4g, my friends’s ip4 and this Epic 4g touch.By far, Epic 4g touch wins by a mile. Initial impressions:
    1. Its light as hell!!!!! it feels like you’re holding a toy or a dummy phone (this may be good or bad depending on the user, it’s really good for me)
    2. The size is good enough for me but then again it depends on how big your hands are.
    3. The colors are very very VERY vibrant, it really stands out from all angles.
    4. It is silky smooth, SILKY SMOOTH. the OS has no lag at all, i tried a pinch to zoom test for the ip4 and epic 4g touch and surprisingly, the epic 4g is so much better.
    5. Video camera is on par if not better with Ip4.
    6. Touchwiz has a lot of nice functions and the widgets are very nice.
    7. Battery life is not too bad, i can go a day without having to recharge.
    8. Probably one of my top compliments of the phone, the kies air app is well thought out and wonderfully done. It helps a lot with deleting and transferring stuff to your phone.
    9. The screen is not a fingerprint magnet.
    10. It is so thin, i’m afraid to hold it in my hand cause it feels like i’m going to drop it (also due to its lightweight)
    11. No need to really do any customization cause the widgets work well and they look very nice.
    12. Touchwiz provides a power widget which is very useful: It goes according to this: wifi- bluetooth-gps-brightness-settings-sync-screentime out-tips (toggle off and on)
    13. They have a widget for “active applications”, this is like a task killer app that you would find in the market. Very easy to use, helps exit all apps if needed, also shows you all your download apps so you can uninstall them if you wish.
    14. When you’re charging the phone, once it its 100%, it will give out a beep letting you it’s done.
    15. When you’re calling and you unlock your phone, the notification bar turns neon green (which i think is pretty cool)
    16. Sprint will be the only carrier with an notification led on the front.
    17. Battery life update: From 1% to 100% charge, it takes about 2 hours, 45 minutes. Last night, I charged it to 99%. I watched a 5 minute youtube video then went to sleep. Work up, went to work at 9am to 2pm. Mobile was on with my IMO (messaging program) the entire time. Surfed the web, checked email and returned a few text (This is also with live wallpaper on). By the time it was 7PM, the battery had hit 1%. Total hours on battery life was about 20 hours. So yes, the battery to me is very good but each to their own.Now for the cons:
    1. the touch buttons are not as sensitive as the EVO 4g touch. You would have to hit it directly with little error margin to get it right.
    2. The charging cable is very short.
    3. I’m not sure if the camera on the back is touching the surface when its laid on its back.
    4. No dedicated flashlight app however this can be downloaded from the market.
    5. The power button is located on the right side, the volume rocker is on the left side. Sometimes i hit the rocker volume while trying to hit the power button however i just need more practice.
    6. When charging and placed on a flat surface , the touch sensor lags, this only happens when its charging.
    7. The touch sensitive buttons have white led light and you can control the duration however the options are given to you at a max of 6 seconds or “always on”, they could have given us the option of letting us create our own duration.
    8. No dedicated battery app however you can download it in the market.
    9. Dock icons can’t be replaced (maybe it can and i just don’t know it?) UPDATE: it can be replaced except the apps icon.
    10. Not sure if this is a con for me yet but when you want to make a call, you would have to swipe . So there is 2 ways of calling: (1) you hit the call button, hit the log button, click the contact, then click on call. (clicking on the contact is what im more use to) and (2) you hit the call button, hit the log button and you swipe right on the contact to call.
    11. Kies Air can only transfer 100mb or less to your phone.
    -Coming from Evo 4g, i’m use to having the home button on the far left where as the epic 4g touch is located on the 2nd button.
    13. Speakers are located on the bottom back which makes it weak if the phone is flat on the surface. Again, most of the things listed above is from my own personal experience and maybe some may feel the same way. Here are some tips i found:
    1. You can take a screen shot of your phone, just hold the power + home button at the same time and let go.
    2. When listening to the stock music player or if somebody is calling, you can flip the phone so the front screen is on the bottom to mute.
    3. You can uninstall most of the sprint store apps.
    4. to save battery, i usually turn off auto sync.
    5. when you’re at the call log, you can swipe left to message the person, or swipe right to call the person.
    6. You can create folders
    7. If you use stock browser, you can switch windows by pinching in. fingers should start from.the top and bottom. You here first. Enjoy.
    8. When somebody is calling you, you have 3 options (1) Pick up (2) decline (3) swipe up and a menu will pop up with text messages to send to the person such as “I am driving”. All you hvae to do is click send. Very useful and handy!
    9. You can only transfer 100mb maximum on kies air.
    10. You tube and music still plays with the screen off.
    11. May want to get class 6 for.microsd, I was told it would lag a bit accessing files. Such as opening gallery.
    12. Sometimes I hit the EN (swype keyboard) on accident and it turns to ES english to spanish). To turn this off hold on the EN key and uncheck ES.Overall, i would recommend this phone to everybody I know. This is the best phone out in the market today and yes i know, nexus prime and ip5 is coming out but honestly, this phone is so good that i would say it would be on par with them and it’s not because of spec but also because of design. It looks physically sexy. I honestly would say this can be an “iDroid” Haha, the reason i say this is because its taken the smoothness of the iOS and the customization of the android system and merged it together to become one. THIS PHONE is what all phones should be, the only reason not to get this phone is the size if it’s not good enough for you otherwise, this phone should make a lot of people happy.Update (1)
    As far as GPS and wifi signal goes, I haven’t had any loss signals YET. Also, the slight lag with the lock screen seems to be related to the microsd card installed. Once i’ve taken the card out, the lag decreases.Update (2)
    I have figured what the problem is when there is lag while charging. It has to do with the charger itself, the usb connector is fine. I have a car charger and noticed when i was charging, there was no lag at all. So i went home and tried charging it with the OEM charger that was in the box, there was lag, the touch was not registering correctly. I decided to switch the charger to another one (i’m using the power charger from my HP Touchpad) and I’m not experiencing any lag at all. I hope this helps, ya heard it here first! 10/4/11Update (3 more tips
    1. Seen this one with iphone and i never got time to play around with the camera on s2 however there is a panorama option which is quite awesome!
    2. With the stock email client, if you pinch in, it will sort all your emails by the date.

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