Simple Tips For Attending A Conference

Just 4 days until the biggest gaming event takes place in Cologne Germany and with so many amazing companies exhibiting and attending GDC Europe plus the exciting new titles coming out at GamesCom this year, we have so much to look forward to next week! Are you coming prepared?

For those who will be present at the events, there is a different feeling of excitement you all have in common: anxiety. What should you bring? What can you expect?

To help you prepare for a variety of networking scenarios and out-of-office challenges, here are some tips and must-haves on your to-do-list that get you going at the conferences:



1. Mobile phone

Got to admit, you’re not leaving your cellphone, it’s even more valuable on business trips. Aside from this precious gadget, don’t forget to pack the mobile cord and an extra battery just in case there’s no time or access to an outlet to charge up.

2. Business card

This is an obvious one- always have a few extra cards for yourself and it is highly recommended to bring extra cards from your colleagues, boss, and the key people you work with. One of the best ways to network is thru ‘referral partners’. Also, make sure to have a QR code business card that other people would just scan with their phone.
3. Breath mints

Business card is something to pass along but not the strong odor from the mouth. Carry breath mints to chew particularly after meals and at a regular intervals. Don’t meet people with your breath less than desirable. Use mints not gum to avoid the chewing during the meeting.
4. Hand sanitizer

Carrying an antibacterial gel is a necessity given all the people we’ll be meeting and new hands we’ll be shaking. It is strongly advised to use a little stealth because we don’t want to offend our new associates.
5. Extra clothes and pair of shoes

Make sure to have comfortable clothes and shoes for walking around during the day and a slightly more appropriate for important dinners with clients.
6. Laptop/Tablet

Okay, back to gadgets. Be it an iPad, Android tablet, Windows tablet or what have you, make sure to have one with you. Make sure you have your important presentations, fact sheets and company portfolio saved. Don’t rely on what the business center provides. Save yourself the hassle.
7. WiFi card

Bring internet cards that are usually compatible with both Apple and Windows operating systems. A wireless card often provides access to more than one WiFi-enabled device.
8. Easy-to-carry tools of your trade

Invest in a few portable versions of the tools you mostly use. Bring along usb flash drive, camera, laser pointer (if you need to give presentations), multi-charger, even the ancient pen-and-paper will come in handy.
9. Cash money

You’ll never know who you would have to treat for lunch or dinner while at the event.
10. Courage

Surely, nobody bites. Meet people, network, network, network, remember them and build your business!


Miss anything? Oh yes, always travel light.  See you in Cologne, Germany for GDC Europe and GamesCom 2012!


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