RDI At The New York Games Conference 2012

September 5, 2012 (Wednesday)-

RenditionDigital International Chairman, David Nash is attending the 4th New York Games Conference today, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York.

This one-day event gathers the most influential people in the gaming industry and connected entertainment covering the latest in technology and the future developments in console, mobile, online and social games. 

”RenditionDigital is a Dublin-headquartered provider of Game Support in the form of Game Testing and Game Moderation from our American-managed operations in Manila.” 
                                                       -Statement from RDI Chairman David Nash


RDI is particularly interested in networking with developers, publishers, technology providers and content companies that are looking to outsource QA/testing, iOS and Android development, Game Support and

 Moderation, Software Development, Web Development, HTML5 conversion, Digital Publishing projects. RDI is a strategic partner and a low cost provider. 

Check out the event here: http://nygamesconference.com/


About RDI

RenditionDigital Int’l (RDI) is A Strategic, Reliable, Scalable Outsourcing Alternative

RenditionDigital Int’l (RDI) is an offshore outsourcing company that provides high-quality, cost-effective services in the areas of Software and Web Development, Multimedia and Flash Production, DTP/Localization and eConversion, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and more recently Gaming Support (Testing, Game Development, Moderation and Art Outsourcing). RDI has offices in Dublin, San Francisco and Manila. 

Visit http://www.renditiondigital.com/ for details.




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