A New Windows 8 Site For Developers Launched by Microsoft

For developers interested  in creating games for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, you can now download toolkits to make games with, attend online training and gather information for upcoming dev camps.

(Image Source: Windows Dev Center)

Here are some of the developer resources you can get from Win8 App website:

  1. Windows 8 Developer Guide
  2. Windows 8 App Developer Blog
  3. Windows Store blog
  4. Windows Store markets
  5. Windows Dev Center
  6. Code samples
  7. Technical Docs
  8. Channel9

Visit their website for more information, Windows 8 dev site.

Related tools, SDKs, and downloads for programming Windows Store apps also available.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 is the tool to build Windows apps. It includes the Windows 8 SDK, Blend for Visual Studio, and project templates. You must first install Windows 8 RTM.

Check out MSDN website for details.

API reference for Windows Store apps in JavaScript, C# and Visual Basic and C++ can be found here.

Supported APIs in .NET for Windows Store apps  can be found on this link.


In the news today, Rare production director, Lee Schuneman is the head of Microsoft’s new London studio. The main focus of this new site will be on development for Windows 8 tablet.  Schuneman will report to Microsoft’s corporate VP of interactive entertainment Phil Harrison.

Lee Schuneman

Microsoft now has its fourth UK studios in addition to Rare, Lionhead and Soho Productions.

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