Comparing Android Browsers: Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera Mobile, and Skyfire

We compare 5 of the most prominent Android browsers to check which among them stands out in performance and HTML5 compatibility.


Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera Mobile, and Skyfire

  • Chrome for Android

Chromium engine based, open-source similar to the desktop version. Google has recently got the software going and up to speed. Chrome for Android enables interactive mobile experience and it lets you develop HTML5 apps across all devices, desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Must be running Android 4.0 (ICS) or newer to install Chrome.

More information can be found on Google Developers site,

  • Dolphin

Dolphin is the oldest and the most popular third-party browser for Android. With the release of Dolphin v9.0 + Jetpack, the developers are making sure to boost users browsing speed. According to, Dolphin tops the chart.

Checkout this infographic browser comparison chart by

(Image Source:

More HTML5 information can be found on site,



Also known as ‘Fennec’, Firefox for Android delivers a familiar touch for anyone used to the desktop version. As with all Mozilla project known to go through fast development cycle, this Android version requires more memory and power. Developers can create rich web content and websites based on HTML5 on Firefox for Android.

Visit Firefox OS on for more info,
Opera Mobile

Opera browser for Android has Opera Turbo that helps speed up the loading of web pages during slow connection.
Opera Mobile for Android is said to be the browser that is closest to the HTML5 specification because of its compression technology. Opera Mobile is designed to reduce mobile data charges by routing data through Opera’s own servers.

Find out more of Opera Mobile web browser via Google Play,



Skyfire is the pioneer to offer Adobe Flash support on Android. Watching video streaming in esoteric formats is a breeze on Skyfire. Skyfire browser transcodes Flash content into HTML5 on Skyfire’s servers. Only thing is, you’ll need to pay for a license to enjoy their video streaming system.

More information can be found on,


3 thoughts on “Comparing Android Browsers: Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera Mobile, and Skyfire

  1. I tried Opera Mobile, Firefox, and Skyfire 4.0, I personally like Skyfire 4.0 the best it is far more stable than the browser that came installed on my tablet. I love the fact you can have it open in either Android, Desktop or default which looks to me like Desktop. My beef with Opera Mobile is that it opens some websites such as Amazon in Mobile/Tablet and will not allow me to switch over to Desktop. But both Opera Mobile and Skyfire 4.0 are so superior to the pre-installed browser that in either case you can not go wrong. Since I installed Skyfire I no longer use the browser that came installed on my tablet.

  2. I like using Chrome, but it gets really frustrating when Chrome keeps hanging during normal usage.

    Opera Mobile has gotten a lot faster in the last few months since June, even with Turbo turned off. I can’t tell the differrnce in speed between lightning fast Chrome and Opera anymore.

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