McDonalds To Celebrate Australian Day By Embracing The Nickname Australians Have Given-Maccas

From ‘Mickey D’s’ up in the United States, this US giant-fastfood chain, McDonalds is set once again to take a leap in their PR stunt by changing its famous golden arches signage to ‘Maccas’ in the Land Down Under. 

maccas in australia

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McDonalds is rebadging certain stores in Australia and adapting its Aussie name, Maccas as part of the brand’s integrated Australia Day campaign and also used to launch the new Aussie Tastes menu this year. 

“The restaurants will change their name for a month, replacing their signage with the customised ‘Maccas’ logo as a reflection of Australia’s embrace of the fast food brand over the four decades since its introduction to the country in 1971. Australia is the only nation in the world that routinely uses the abbreviated nickname of ‘Maccas’ when referring the McDonald’s restaurants.”

“Chief marketing officer for McDonald’s Australia Mark Lollback claims that changing the signage of several McDonald’s restaurants as a part of the organisation’s Australia Day celebrations is the best way to acknowledge the colloquial manner in which most Australians refer to the international fast food empire.”

Australian Times has the full story. 

Happy Australia Day!

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