SimCityEDU Inspires Learning Through Gameplay

Glasslab teamed up with EA to develop SimCityEDU, a STEM-centered educational tools based on SIMCITY videogame.

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Educators are taking a greater interest in games. It is becoming a trend in the learning community to embrace, redefine, integrate, inspire and engage students learning experience using the power of videogames.

Viktor Rydberg school in Stockholm, Sweden adopted gamification in their educational programs wherein all 13-year-old students must now take a mandatory course on Minecraft to enhance students learning experience about environmental issues and city planning.

On March 5, 2013, another project-based learning tools utilizing the digital platforms is set to launch to boost students interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. SimCityEDU, a collaboration between Electronic Arts (EA) and Glasslab is keen to serve as an online resource and community for teachers to create and share lesson plans.

“For decades, SimCity has been embraced by the educational community as an engaging videogame that also provides a powerful learning experience, teaching problem solving skills through imaginative civic gameplay,” said Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EA’s Maxis Label. “We want to up the ante of SimCity’s educational influence. Through our partnership with GlassLab, SimCity will become the foundation of a program to re-imagine learning in a way that will inspire today’s youth to get excited about STEM education and become the problem solvers of tomorrow.” Source: EA Press Room

According to EA, SimCityEDU’s curriculum and tools will be correlated to U.S. Common Core standards.

Electronic Arts News has the full story.

To stay up-to-date on the latest regarding SimCity please visit

SimCity – Concept Art – Crash Scene,


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