Everyone is Irish on March 17th

St. Patrick's Day

A boat ride on a green Chicago river on March 16th preceding the St. Patrick’s Day parade from Yahoo News.

Chicago river

Here are more cool stuff from St. Patrick’s Day:

Rhinestone platform pumps

Green and Rhinestone platform pumps for the lass

Under Armor basketball shoesGreen and gold St. Patrick’s Day Under Armor basketball shoes for those sporty lads. Find out more on Sneakernews.com

Collection of cute nail art:









Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2013!


2 thoughts on “Everyone is Irish on March 17th

  1. Hi Shey,

    Well, I was certainly Irish for the day! Church, then home to a lamb stew. (Not the traditional Irish stew, though, which is heavy on the fat and root vegetables. I am far too English to be that much Irish!) Then to the pub to drink a few pints of Murphy’s stout (less bitter than Guinness) followed by Bushmills whiskey (from County Antrim, in Northern Ireland.)

    A few aching heads on Monday morning!

    What did you do?



    1. It’s a pleasure to hear from you C0ldf1re.

      Hmm, delicious, mouth watering lamb stew, I missed that. Never had a traditional Irish stew but I’d like to try.
      Some friends and I had a wee bit of party at the rooftop of my apartment on the night of the 16th till dawn. Indulged ourselves with Baileys Irish Cream and Guinness (to aid our waistline) to toast St. Patrick’s Day. It was a blast celebrating St. Paddy’s here in the Philippines.



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