Mayon Volcano in Bicol spewed ashes

Mayon volcano had spewed ashes and rocks early today, Tuesday morning, May 7, 2013. Local residents and mountaineers are advised to take extra caution.


Mayon Volcano eruption 2013

According to experts, the eruption reported earlier today is called, Phreatic explosion. The steam-driven eruption occurs when magma heats ground or surface water. The extreme temperature of the magma causes near-instantaneous evaporation to steam, resulting in an explosion of steam, water, ash, rock, and volcanic bombs.
While Mayon is on “Alert 0″, Salceda said they advise the residents to do the following:

1. Extra care and caution in conducting human activity in the 6-km PDZ – this includes ATV, trail runs, picnics etc.
2. We reiterate that Mayon Volcano mountaineering (or volcanoeering) is subject to prior notification to PTCAO/APSEMO/DOT
Update 1: GMA News quoted OCD Bicol as saying there are around 20 mountain climbers on Mt Mayon when phreatic explosion occured. Injuries reported.
Update 2: DZRH reports via reporter Jun Alegre that three individuals were killed while two others were injured as of this posting.
Update 3: News reports say four individuals were reported killed, three of them are foreigners while one is a tour guide.





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