Flappy Bird Download for PC and Android

Flappy Bird

Love it or hate it! Flappy Bird is an all new game in the market this 2014 and is becoming popular at an amazingly fast rate. The game is low on RAM and the app will hardly hang. To play the game, the only thing you need is a fast thumb (or pointer) and quick reflexes to make the bird jump at the right time and avoid obstacles.

Flappy Bird tap

Flappy Bird features:

  • Tap on the screen several times according to your convenience to make the bird fly.
  • Avoid the pipes.
  • Every new game starts with a different colored bird and a new background.
  • The game looks easy to play but is in fact hard to master with full skills.
  • The quest to score more every time will eventually render you addicted to this game.
  • Scores are evaluated as points which correspond to the number of obstacles you cross successfully each time.
  • The game play never hangs and you will hardly feel any distraction during your play time.
  • With over 5,000,000 installations and just 900 kb of size , it will never eat up too much of your space.

Download Flappy Bird for pc (Bluestacks apk). Note: Bluestacks is a software that enables you to play Android games and  allows you to take advantage of Android apps on your personal computer. Download the latest version of Bluestacks for Windows HERE for free.

Download Flappy Bird on Google Play. 

Have you guys played Flappy Bird? What do you think? Feel free to post your highscore! 


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