LMP Next Google OS Android L Release November 1


Several official sources in code and documentation are pointing at a possible name for the next Google Android operating system ‘L’ which is to be released on November 1st of this year. According to androidpolice.com, the next release after KitKat is said to be codename “LMP”. The site is speculating that LMP would be Lemon Meringue Pie.

An extract from Android SDK shows a preview builds for android L. Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 has an “lmp-preview-release”.

android sdk lmp preview
source: androidpolice.com

Google employees have been seen posting on code.google.com Chromium section claiming to use the Nexus 4 with Android L. Here’s a screenshot of a post from a Chromium.org email address stating to use the “LRW52G” build of Android on his or her N4 on September 15. Take note that the latest N5 build of Android L is LRW66E.

google chromium user on android L
Google employee seen posting to be using Android L on Nexus 4. Source: androidpolice.com

An actual video has shown up depicting Chromium running on an even newer build – LRW87D,

Notice the status and navigation bars. There are solid icons, no breaks for WiFi signal in the status bar and a clock with a smaller, bold Roboto. The navigation bar has smaller and more spaced-out nav buttons. The video shows L running on a Nexus 5. Here’s a screenshot comparing L preview grabbed from the video vs. Nexus 5.

Android preview L vs Nexus 5
Android Preview L vs Nexus 5 Source: androidpolice.com

Is it going to be Lemon Meringue Pie or Android Lollipop? Google has not yet given an official name for Android OS L until final builds are available. At this stage, the OS state is incomplete and buggy. It is just proper for Google to release its official name when it is rock solid and ready for action.


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